Married in the 1940s

I was 16. It was pouring down with rain on Walney and I was going to my girlfriend’s house a bit later, but when it rained I sheltered with another girl friend. We stood there in the pouring rain and these two boys came along, joking they were. I was very shy. Later when I went to my friend’s house for tea, this boy was there – it was her brother! They were among eight children.

Victoria Park Hotel, Barrow Courtesy Bill Clark
Victoria Park Hotel
Courtesy Bill Clark

We used to go dancing in Victoria Park Hotel. And he used to send a ticket for me. And that was it … and then I moved away and we just corresponded and he just became sort of serious, you know. Terence – Tony.

And we got married. We were married when I was 21.

We decided everything together, what we would do. We worked together. We were married  74 years ago; he died 12 years ago and I’m nearly 96 now.

In all those years that you were together, did your love deepen? Did it change?

It was always there. Always, just one another. We were very fortunate. Cos it’s not lucky for everyone, and people can’t help it. But if you are the right ones, which is quite rare probably, that’s good. And we had very little when we were married, I think we had fifteen pounds. You build up over the years and years and years. We were quite happy.

Do you have any advice about staying in a partnership or choosing the right person?

I don’t know really. If you’re for one another, you’re for one another, and that’s it. I can’t really give advice cos everyone’s different really. Or perhaps they’re not as different as we think – I don’t know! We were both fortunate.

I first saw him in the rain, and it had to be because two hours later I was in the house where he lived, with his family…