Night Life in Barrow in the late ’80s

It seems as if Cornwallis Street was the place to go in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Place like CeePees, Cavannah’s, Manhattans. The names of the clubs have changed a lot over the last few decades, but the allure of the music and social scene seems to have continued over the years.

The Lounge in Barrow
Image courtesy of Bill Clark

Here’s a memory of late ‘80s early ‘90s nightlife:

‘We used to go down Cornwallis Street and find a karaoke at Addisons – the place was great, it was really novel. The bar stood on mannequin legs. We had a pool room and it was sunken like a swimming pool, and it had two pool tables in it, with a diving board and a mannequin sitting on top of it. And a big bank of television screens, showing pop videos – I remember Max Headroom. And neon lights, pink and blue, really quite up to date.

‘You’d go on from there to Legends, all black and mirrors and things, and then from Legends to Whispers, where they used to play the 60s and 70s tracks. Oh yes, we had a great time.’