A wedding can be perfect but a marriage never can be

I wore a very big ivory dress, with a huge train. Three bridesmaids, a flower girl and page boy. Good, yes, a good day. Poured down in the morning, scorching in the afternoon. It was good, a big wedding. He wasn’t my first love, but I knew it was right.

Now, two children and 16 years later, we’re getting on with it. Love changes with children. It changes when you get your own house – then when kids come along your relationship to a certain degree takes a back step. Both our children were quite poorly as babies so I think that puts a strain on. Everything’s around the kids.

We have our ups and downs. Don’t get me wrong, but that’s life isn’t it. That’s what you have to take on board, it’s not going to be a bed of roses – it mostly isn’t, cos that’s just life.

You just have your moans and your groans but you just get on with it really. I think when you have children things that you wouldn’t have put up with before you do put up with, for the children, and you just think, well, you have to do it for them, some days. But it sorts itself out, it always does.

Everybody’s in the same boat, nobody’s marriage is perfect, far from it.