Come into the Tent

The Love Project tent: a place to reflect, remember, dream, listen, share.


women in the red tentThe Red Tent was designed for the Love Project in Barrow by Hannah Fox. If you’re sharing stories about love, you deserve a place of beauty, warmth and privacy, and that’s what the Red Tent has offered to the many women that have joined us over the last few months. We have closed out the rest of the world,  chatted, laughed and shed the occasional tear as we have been sharing memories of life and love across the generations.

Our meetings were grouped according to age, bringing in the context of daily life as it has changed across the generations. We have also had the privilege of welcoming mothers and daughters together.

Now that we’ve had all our meetings, the stories that have been shared as part of The Love Project are appearing on this website, so take a look at your leisure.

  • red tent fabricWhat did it feel like to fall in love?
  • Where did couples like to meet?
  • Did you dress up, do your hair?
  • What did your parents think of your choice of man?
  • What music did you listen to?
  • How do young women feel about their bodies and body image?
  • How about self respect?
  • How have young mums met the challenges of parenting?

All these topics have cropped up as stories have been shared.

If you would like to share your story, however long or short, please do – just follow this link.

Linking Generations

How do younger people today perceive the lives of women ten, twenty or thirty years ago? And what have older women said to younger girls about first love experiences? What might each age group learn from one another? What questions might be asked? Have our views of love changed over the years? Or our views of women’s place in society? Has body image changed?

Our inter-generational gathering involved women from the age of 16 to 84 and answered many of these questions.

Teenagers and the Love Project

In 2015 we will be visiting teenagers to share with them what we have found during our

Red Tent Sketch
Hannah Fox’s design sketch

meetings. After the success of our intergenerational day, which involved so much chat it was hard to leave, we’re looking forward to an inspiring discussion.

Oral Histories from Barrow Women and The Love Project Book

The Love Project is about collecting and sharing stories and heritage among women in Barrow, and to capture the full flavour of the stories, we have recorded our meetings. The recordings will be stored in Barrow’s Dock Museum archive.

At the end of the project the ‘Love Anthology’ will be published.

To get involved, please contact us.