Don’t be so bloody daft!

The ingredient of a long and happy relationship? Well, after 44 years, mmm …

We were sitting eating some soup the other night and we got a bun, a piece, and we were there opposite one another at the table, and you got this bowl of soup. And I have this little bit of bread left and I’m wiping it round the bowl, like this, and I looked up, and there he is, and he looked up at the same time, and he says, ‘We have the same eating habits don’t we!’

You know what, we’re pals. I would say he’s my best friend.

I always thought that if he ever did anything that would hurt me, in any way, that would totally destroy my faith in humanity. Because I trust him not to hurt me. Cos he’s me mate. Sounds so soppy – but we’re not really soppy people! I don’t know when I last told him I love him, or him me. It just – I used to say, ‘Do you love me?’ And he’d say, ‘Don’t be so bloody daft, of course I do!’ That’s the sort of people we are, you know. It goes without saying.