Love in the Blitz

A kiss of passionIn 1940 and 1941, Barrow was the target of terrible bombing. Could it be that some love stories began in the midst of terror and disruption?

September 1940 saw the first compulsory blackout in Barrow, and the first bombs fall.

In May 1941 the Luftwaffe assault gained strength: land-mines, incendiaries, and explosives were dropped on Barrow; Barrow Central railway station was destroyed, and over 2000 children were evacuated from the town.

By June 1941, when the death toll exceeded 80, another 4000 children were evacuated. The last bombs of the blitz in Barrow were dropped in February 1942, and the air-raid siren rang out for the last time on March 25th.

What stories will emerge from older women still in Barrow who were finding love in these troubled times?