Keeping it fresh!

Women often wonder – and it’s fairly certain that men do as well – how to keep a relationship fresh. When you have a room filled with women whose experience of relationships encompasses some that have lasted a week or a month, and some that have lasted over 50 years, the ideas that come out provide some pretty good ingredients. Some of these are a little tongue in cheek!

Don’t be boring.

Be spontaneous.

Ignore him whenever possible.

A little bit of time apart – absence can make the heart race when you’re back together again.

Take time to build a foundation before rushing into your life-long commitment. You won’t regret it.

It works on both sides, so everything we say here applies to your partner or spouse too.

It’s about sharing all the small bits of life, all the domestic details. What’s for dinner, what do we need to buy in the shops, who’s going to the parents’ evening, sharing time with the children, taking care of the house together. Life is made up of these little bits.

Growing up together is important, and if you do this, you should stay happy.