Love and ice creams

I left school in the April that I was 15. I shouldn’t have left until I was 16 but I got myself a job and walked out of school. I was clerk in the office at the Cooperative Dairy in Buccleuch Street, and that was where I met my partner. I was 16, he was 15. He was a rounds boy, he used to do the milk round.

The first time we spoke was when I was going back to work after me dinner and he was leaving work, and he was eating an ice cream and I said, ‘Give us a lick of yer ice-cream.’ I was riding my bike, and stopped to speak, and he just pushed it in my nose! Then apologised and asked if he could see me.

I actually had a date with him at the fairground. We used to have a fair every year at Vickers fortnight holiday at the park, where the leisure centre is now, they used to come every year, in the August. The shipyard fortnight, you know everybody went on holiday for that fortnight.
He was with his friends and he actually tossed a coin to see if he should take me or go for a drink with his friends, even though he was only fifteen.

Well I won, obviously! That was the worst toss he ever made in his life!
He wore a red shirt, blue jeans and he had a quiff in his hair – they all wore quiffs. 1958.
I can’t even remember what I was wearing. He had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Was there a first kiss on that date?
Oh yes. He took me home. But me mum and dad were away on holiday, but my sister, she’s thirteen months older than me, we were looking after ourselves. And when I was stood on the doorstep saying goodnight, next minute ‘Get yourself in here!’ he shot off, ‘Is that your mother?’ ‘No it’s my sister!’ Not a good first impression, but we did meet up again and graduated into …
I was twenty-two when I got married.

So you’d been with him for a while…
On and off, yes, cos we used to fall out every weekend and then make up.

Did that pattern continue?
It actually did, yes, it was a sparring relationship. I just lost him five month ago, and that’s part of it that I really do miss, definitely. Part of the passion.