Pulling together

Not strictly speaking a love story, but the women who have joined us in the red tent have shared their reasons for loving Barrow. And so many have mentioned a strong community feeling and generosity. Here’s one recollection from the 1980s:

You don’t often see that in a community now.

People pulled together then. In the ’80s I think there was still the thought of what had gone on in the war – and not just the Falklands, but the miners. These were what led me to go into the job I did go into, with the Trade Union. I saw what had happened with the miners, poverty, how they were forced out.

A lot of the Newcastle miners came over, it was to give them a break. It was funded by activists and people predominantly in the labour party. When they came here, people put them up, they stayed in the Labour Club, people brought them food packages, and that was a whole community pulling together to support the miners.  They were going through horrible times. It makes me wonder if something like that happened now, how much of the community would pull together? It seems to me that Barrow has always pulled together.