Second time lucky

He was my first love, yeah. And I’ve never stopped being sorry about it! He was quiet. He was that quiet that I couldn’t believe that he would be like that but he was bloody awful he was. He was a Walney lad mind – ooh hell! – He couldn’t help it, that was him.

I didn’t stick with it. Two years and that was it – ssshhh finished.

Then I met my second one. Now he was a belter. Wilf. We met in the Wire Works. I was working there – had to. Had a little girl. From my first husband. And I had to look after her. But er, ooh hell. Wilf was THE best.

We got a chance to go for a pub so I put in for it and then I said, we’re going for an interview tomorrow about a pub! He said, ‘What for?’ I said, ‘for working – we’re going to work there!’ He said, ‘you’ll have me working till I’m eighty-two!’ I said, ‘I’ll be working at eighty-two with yer!’

Yes it kept us busy alright, we got in some states!

With thanks to Edith for sharing her story (age 83)