So intense it hurt

Oh, THE love of my life! When it all went pear shaped I ran away, just had to leave.

It was intense, full on, quick. We were together about five, six years. But when it went downhill it went downhill bad. It was him that split up with me so I was pretty gutted. I went down to about nine stone, wet through … couldn’t eat. Would not recommend it! Good for a diet I suppose, but no, not fun.

He lived at the bottom of my road and when he drove past it just reminded me how crap I felt. So I thought, I’m going, to start again. I went down south on the Friday and I had a job a week later – stayed for three years and then came back home. I was over him by then! I still see him around and have absolutely no regrets. It was intense at the time, more like an addiction than what I’d call love.

My first love, well that was naïve, and wasn’t really love. Then what I thought was my ‘true’ love, that was the addiction, I couldn’t be apart from him, until I had to (when you get dumped there’s not a lot of choice). Now, the man I’m with, and this one is the one, well it’s equal, and it feels right. We do a lot for each other, we’re very happy.