Strictly come nursing

I was training as a nurse and left Barrow to go to a hospital in Preston, Mount Street. It was run by nuns, and mind you, I wouldn’t go back! I mean what I learnt off them, I learnt very well, but they were strict, so strict you know. There was a few other ladies from Barrow went there as well, and the same happened to them – you got so run down you were worked so hard, you know. I worked for about 12, 18 months, I was 17 and a half. I lost 18 months.

I went on to a sanatorium in Frodsham, near Cheshire and did a TB certificate, and then I came back to Barrow to High Carly, which was the TB sanatorium here. And I went on to work at Stanrake … and I suppose I’ve done all the homes in Barrow, you know, working. I like looking after the elderly.