That’s a lot of moves!

I left school at 14. I worked at Passeys, a piano and music shop. It’s gone now. I came out of there because all I did was dust and make tea, so I was fed up with that. I turned round and went into the bakehouse, next to the Peacock. It’s all knocked down now too.

I was there ’til I got married. When we were married we went to live with my mother in law. She was nice, a good woman. I never fell out with her. She wasn’t the sort of lady you would fall out with. And after our daughter was born we lived over Old Barrow in the buildings, ’cos me husband worked on the railways – they were all railway flats then.

After that, we moved to Rigg Street. There was no electricity, and I remember when we got it put in. Up till then, it was all gas. We did it up nice, and then moved to Steamer Street where we got a new modern fire place. We lived there until my second daughter was born, and then we moved to Marsh Street, and we were there until the children had grown up.

When my husband took his redundancy off the railway we moved into the shop on Lawrenson Street, a small outdoor licence next door to the paper shop. We were in there for 15 years. And then we moved to Lord Street. Now I’m in Station Mews and that’s my last move!

Thanks to Dorothy, aged 85, for this story.