Two left feet

Oh, I wasn’t allowed to go down The Rink. Most of our parents didn’t want us to go down there – it was noisy and loud. We used to go to the church socials, when we were 14, 15. The same gang went every week, then you graduated to Furness Cricket Club. The band used to nip down at half time to the Strawberry for a drink. And when you got a bit older you went to the Vic. It was seven and sixpence to get in on a Saturday night. And you were ‘grown up’ then, when you went there, because there was a bar …

I loved dancing. Everybody used to go to Miss McDonald’s dancing class at the Vic on a Saturday afternoon: boys on one side, girls on the other. The boys would probably choose the girls they knew, much to the girls’ disgust, as they didn’t probably like them, you know, but you had to put up with whoever came up.

I met my husband at the Vic, many years after we’d been at school together. He had two left feet though! No sense of rhythm, though we did dance!