Vickers Fortnight Holiday

We used to have a fair every year at Vickers fortnight holiday at the park, where the leisure centre is now. There would be a big wheel, Waltzers, side shows and everything. In the August. The shipyard fortnight – you know everybody went on holiday for that fortnight.

I actually had my first date with the boy that I would marry at the fairground. He actually tossed a coin to see if he should take me or go for a drink with his friends, even though he was only fifteen!

Well I won, obviously! He had blonde hair and blue eyes, wore a red shirt and blue jeans and he had a quiff in his hair – they all wore quiffs. 1958.

We used to fall out every weekend and then make up. I was fifteen when we met, and twenty-two when we got married. It always was a sparring relationship. That’s something I really miss now he’s gone.

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