Walney Island Childhood

All my relatives lived on the island: grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins. Three of my cousins and my sister still live on the island. We had lovely summers and went up the beach after school, always sitting on the second break water. I continued this with my children (who are now 46 and 49) together with neighbours, and the dads came up after work and we had a picnic. My husband was a draftsman at Vickers. He used to say, ‘leaving the shipyard coming over the bridge was great, you’re just leaving the work behind and coming home’.

Walney BridgeWhen we were younger, we used to go to Walney Cinema in Dominion Street every Saturday afternoon, it was specially for children. There were not as many houses in those days and there were lots of allotments. My dad had one on Ocean Road, but when they built the prefabs the allotments went.

My mum was a bowler on Walney Park, and was captain. My grandmother was president and they still play for a cup in her name.