Why I love Barrow and still do

We were so lucky to live in such a lovely place, with the lakes so near and everything, yes. I mean I was coming back on a train recently with a lady, and when I said I was from Barrow she said, ‘Oh everybody’s so friendly there,’ she said, ‘they’re not like that in Kendal.’ You know, somewhere as near as that! And I know so many people here.


It is a nice place, it takes some beating. Barrow is such a friendly place and there’s a great crowd of people in Barrow, for giving, the generosity’s terrific, you know. My eldest granddaughter, who’s just 16, each time she comes up she goes, ‘Don’t you know a lot of people!’ You only have to go around the corner and somebody’s talked to you. Wherever you go you’ve got someone to talk to.