Women’s Choices

Do women have more choices today than they did in the 1950s? 

This is a broad question that provoked a lot of debate when discussed by a group of women from across the generations.

More isn’t necessarily better
Looking back to  the 1950s and comparing that with the new millienium, there was a feeling that women do definitely have more choices as time goes on – but that this doesn’t necessarily make life ‘better’. In fact, one woman felt that it can make life more difficult.

Back then, you had your place – and you couldn’t work once you had a baby. You were a home maker and that was that. Now, how do you know where you fit in society? You might work hard to get qualifications and then find there is no work for you. You might want a family, but find it very hard to afford. What is there to aspire to?


On a more positive note, some women feel that greater independence is liberating. Compared with the 1950s, in more recent years women don’t need to get married to get money or to have a home. Women can make their own decisions, women can get loans, and mortgages, on their own. One woman told us that she’d be offended if someone asked her to check with her husband before making a financial decision.

I can make my own decisions, I’m perfectly capable!

Women now have the freedom to express themselves through their choices – and it’s no small thing that women fought to get the vote and to increase the choices they had (there’s an interesting debate on that here).